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A well-written SOP can be used to satisfy clients’ requirements, let’s you operationalize documents such as plans, regulation, compliance, and policies. It should be the base for the everyday training program of every employee.

It is required to allow the company to continue growing, and also establish a succession plan and train the growing employee base.

It increases the value of a company. It shows that the company is "process driven", rather than "founder driven”.

  • Authorities and responsibilities of top level management.
  • Defines the scope within which decisions can be taken by the subordinates in an organization.
  • It permits the lower level management to deal with the problems without consulting superior every time for decisions.
  • Guidelines developed by an organization to govern its actions and limits within which decisions must be made.
  • Too many standard operating procedures could lead to a breakdown of the SOP System.

Features of Business Policy

  • Specific/definite, otherwise implementation will become difficult.
  • There are no misunderstandings in following the policy.
  • Uniform enough so that it can be efficiently followed by the official.
  • Appropriate to the present company goal.
  • Simple and easily understood by all in the company.
  • Have a wide scope & comprehensive.
  • Flexible in application. Line managers use them in repetitive scenarios.

Key SOPs required in every business would include:

  1. Human resource to hire right people for right place.
    • Selection criteria.
    • Employee remuneration and benefits.
    • Education and training of staff.
    • Develop change management concepts.
    • Staff replacement and alternatives.
    • Ethical values and personal character of employees.
    • Job rotations and termination of employees.
    • Appraisal, increment and promotion criteria.
    • Exit interview and termination process.
  2. Procurement
  3. Regular market search to identify potential vendors to determine best quality of product/services at economical price.

    • Vendor selection criteria.
    • Vendor approved list.
    • Numbers of quotations for routine items.
    • Confidentiality of the quotations.
    • Comparative statement incorporating information of the procurement.
    • Checking and verification of receiving items as per specification.
    • Ethical guidelines for executives dealing with the suppliers and vendors.
    • Payment credit terms.
  4. Finance
  5. Finance and management accounts provide the steps to handle all financial transactions as well as reporting of key performance indicators of the company.

  6. Information Technology
  7. Information technology provides confidentiality of information of all IT protocols including password setting and backups.


  • We will review existing policies and procedures of entire business functions of your company and suggest changes/ amendments for their improvements.
  • In case of non-existence of policies and procedure we are fully competent to draft all those policies and procedures.